The Squad Acceleration Effect: How we helped one startup go from 0-1 and get acquired in just 2 years

What happens if a Squad is the exclusive tech team for your startup?

In the case of HubUX, a market research startup in California, things went above and beyond as they were acquired by a leader in their space only two years later. Squadformers built, designed, and scaled the entire software product. We even stayed on with the acquirer for six months after, resulting in over 2.5 years of collaboration with HubUX — executing the mission from start to finish.

Jamin Brazil, CEO of HubUX
I am incredibly happy with my decision to go with Squadformers and would do it again in a heartbeat. They’ve truly provided high-quality work, been trustworthy and dependable, and been the best partners I could’ve imagined on this journey.

~ Jamin Brazil, Founder and CEO of HubUX

Andy Barraclough, Founder and CTO at Voxpopme
We’ve been really impressed with the work done by the Squad and immediately decided to keep them on post the acquisition. The code is top quality, the integration with our platform went smoothly and we’ve loved working with the team.

~ Andy Barraclough, Founder and CTO at Voxpopme

Depiction of new HubUX UI which we built
Depiction of new HubUX UI which we built

Introducing HubSquad

Meet the Squad that did it all — a high impact team of engineers, product managers and designers:

Ken, Head of Engineering
🇺🇸 Ken, Head of Engineering
Imogen, Senior Product Manager and Engineer
🇺🇸 Imogen, Senior PM and Engineer
Darren, Senior Software Engineer (ex-Google, Intercom)
🇺🇸 Darren, Senior Engineer
(ex-Google, Intercom)
Wendy, Product Designer
🇨🇷 Wendy, Product Designer
Jake, Senior Software Engineer (ex-Microsoft)
🇺🇸 Jake, Senior Software Engineer
Kostia, Senior QA engineer
🇺🇸 Kostia, Senior QA Engineer

The Client

Jamin Brazil is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple exits under his belt. He’s a veteran in the market research industry, founder of Decipher (exit to FocusVision for $50M), and a podcast host. Along with co-founder Eric Santos (ex-CEO of Benchmark Intelligence), they turned to Squadformers for a long-term partnership to help them scale their new business.

Vision and Product

The vision for the platform was to help Enterprise tech companies unify all market and user research tools  in one place (hence the name “HubUX”). Typically, the impact of research is limited in larger organizations because insights aren’t available on demand and are often scattered in various tools, formats, and documents.

By letting customers start and end every research project in HubUX, our strategy allowed users to leverage various research tools and integrate them into HubUX. For example, a tool like QuestionPro could easily be utilized to run a survey with the results automatically feeding back into HubUX. Any answers from third-party tools would also be saved to each participant’s profile, tying together responses across multiple tools — leading to better segmentation for future projects.

Squadformers brings decades of experience in the market research space. Our founder, Jonatan, is also a co-founder of Lookback, a leading interviewing platform, and our Head of Engineering, Ken, was a Lead Engineer at Decipher (now Forsta), a survey platform with over 2,500 customers.

Over time we helped the client by also adding in advanced survey functionality, a participant portal with a rewards system, video recording and analysis, and complex reporting.

Depiction of new HubUX UI which we built

Tech Stack

Here’s the tech we used: TypeScript, React, Python, Django, GraphQL, Relay, Secret Sauce, Postgres, Heroku, S3, Mailgun.

Tools: Linear, Notion, Slack, Miro, Figma.


In late 2022, HubUX was acquired by Voxpopme, a UK-based leader in the market research space. Squadformers renewed our contract for an additional six months post acquisition to help integrate the two platforms. Here’s what they had to say:

As the Product Manager on the Voxpopme side, it was my job to oversee the integration of the two new platforms, and I will tell you: the HubSquad is the best. team. ever. It’s been such a good time integrating with them. They’ve been extremely good communicators, had great work ethics, and super high velocity.

~ Betsy Nelson, Product Manager at Voxpopme

Here’s what the integrated platform looks like, taking on Voxpopme’s styling and colors:

Depiction of HubUX UI after we integrated with VoxpopmeDepiction of HubUX UI after we integrated with Voxpopme

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