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Did you ever wish you could make a high quality product squad magically appear, ready to revamp your product and accelerate your roadmap? A Squad with:
Well, now you can! Squadformers finds and trains the best freelancers in North America to create tightly-knit, high-performing Squads.

What do we mean by “best”? People with:
“Squadformers are amazing. They’re talented, trustworthy and fast. They’ve built an incredible product for us — highly recommended!”
~ Joe Scott, CEO of TapTop


Our Squads are like a software subscription, paid monthly or quarterly — cancel anytime. We typically work on SaaS products, both B2B and B2C, building mobile & web apps with great UX and reliable code.
We’re like Navy SEALs, but for building remarkable products. We’re like the Rebel Alliance, about to blow up the Death Star. We’re Squadformers, and we’re here to make your products win.

Jonatan Littke
Founder & CEO
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