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At Squadformers, building a product goes beyond creating great software. A product is a technical solution to a real-world problem and should bring value to your business.
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Squads accelerate your product like nothing else

A Squad is a cohesive, high-impact product team ready to begin as soon as you are. A standard Squad is comprised of five members, but we'll customize the team based on your needs.

Product Manager

The business expert who uses the latest tools to meet your customer’s needs. The link between your business goals and the Squad.


Brings your vision to life with a user-centric approach. Skilled at creating branding, design systems, and market research.

Engineers (2-4)

Masters at their craft, our engineers can handle anything from quirky apps to secure financial infrastructure.

QA Engineer

With a keen eye for detail and dedication to delivering an impeccable user experience, a QA engineer will ensure your product has flawless functionality.
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Our product principles

How we maximize value for your business.

Prioritize the business

Business goals will always take priority over shipping features

Navigate uncertainty

We focus on high-impact, low-risk releases that prioritize a strong ROI.

Be agile

Learn about your customer needs so you can respond to them quickly

Avoid technical debt

We optimize our decisions now so that we don't create more work in the future


Here’s a few frameworks we like to use when thinking your business goals and how to craft your software solution and find product-market fit
Dashboard mockup
“A fantastic framework presented in a really compelling way.”
Ravi Mehta
Founder of Outpace

Dream Mapping

Developed by Squadformers, Dream Mapping helps realize your goals by finding the quickest path to success. Decide your dream, agree your key metrics and start mapping your progress!

Value prop canvas

Assess your product's value in the context of your business. Map your user's tasks, pains and goals to determine your product's fit.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

User journey mapping

A great way to understand your user's experience of your product. Consider their persona and chart their goals and tasks as they navigate your product.

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